News – 2019 Year End

December 31, 2019   |   Written By Lexicon Bank
News – 2019 Year End


Lexicon Bank, Nevada's Newest Bank, Opened in August 2019

LAS VEGAS, NV — Lexicon Bank is pleased to announce its final 2019 numbers just four months after launch in Southern Nevada:

Total Assets: $49,870,000 Total Loans: $27,958,000 Total Deposits: $31,386,000 “We’ve had an amazing start, but have just scratched the surface of redefining the banking experience in Las Vegas,” said John Miller, CEO of Lexicon Bank. “I’m pleased with the reception we’ve had in the community, and I look forward to working with more businesses and individuals who are looking for a more personal banking experience.” The bank, the first newly chartered bank to launch in Southern Nevada in more than a decade, has enjoyed the support of community members and businesses, which has been the primary driver of the bank since August. In addition to providing a private banking style relationship, Lexicon will utilize industry-leading technology in-branch, online, and through the Lexicon Bank mobile app–which will allow for mobile deposits, payments, and other convenient transactions. “Lexicon’s first four months in Las Vegas absolutely exceeded my expectations,” said Russell Rosenblum, Chairman of the Board of Lexicon Bank. “We have been embraced by the community, and I’m thrilled that we have had this level of success over the past few months. Southern Nevada was looking for a personal banking experience, and I’m glad Lexicon Bank was able to fill that role for so many.” “We look forward to helping make banking better throughout Southern Nevada. We have created a welcoming and helpful banking environment and we encourage everyone to pick up the phone or walk in and let us know what they want in a bank,” said Miller.

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