News – Second Round of Payment Protection Program Funding

January 22, 2021   |   Written By Lexicon Bank
News – Second Round of Payment Protection Program Funding

Leading Community Business Lender, Lexicon Bank, To Administer Second Round of Payment Protection Program Funding

Securing Over 144 Million In Funding For Southern Nevada Small Businesses During Round One Of The SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), The Community-Chartered Bank Prepares To Help More With Their Applications.


LAS VEGAS, January 22, 2021 —  Lexicon Bank, Nevada’s community-focused banking partner, is now accepting applications for the second round of the Small Business Administration's Payment Protection Program (PPP) funding and will continue its promise to serve the immediate needs of the Vegas business community.

“I could not be more proud of our team members and Board of Directors for their tremendous effort to come together and service new and current clients with PPP applications in Round One,” noted Stacy Watkins, President and CEO of Lexicon Bank. "It has been incredible to watch our team respond with such speed and urgency to help restore the community that we call home. Our team is more than ready and prepared to help our community and clients with applications in Round Two.”

At the forefront in supporting southern Nevada’s community businesses, Lexicon secured more than $115 million in funding for over 600 small businesses during the first round of PPP, including restaurants, non-profits, gaming operators and sole proprietors. Of the 600+ loans administered, 461 were under $150K and were rolled out to small businesses most affected by the pandemic across Nevada and regional areas where their clients were located. As a result of the team’s speed, urgency and commitment to meeting clients’ needs, Lexicon Bank helped save more than 14,500 jobs and supported the community it calls home.

Lexicon Bank’s seasoned business lending team was instrumental in getting clients much needed funding and back to work during Round One. The Bank’s ability to provide nimble processes and personalized service during this time of need created an opportunity to make a big impact with clients and fuel team member passion for why they’re there in the first place -- to help the community and clients prosper. The Lexicon Bank team looks forward to making the application process in Round Two as smooth as possible.

Pending further guidance and regulations released by the SBA, the Lexicon Bank team will proactively communicate with clients to share new guidelines to ensure they have the tools they need to fill out their applications.

Prospective clients that are interested in the PPP Program may email [email protected] to receive the link to the application form.

For more information, visit


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